About Us

At Intalman we have over 30 years experience in the music industry and in that time we have built up

relations with many credible music and media companies.

Knowing how difficult it is for Songwriters/Artistes/Authors/TV /Film Writers to get a foot in the door,

Intalman has been launched to try and ease this  process on your behalf.

If you do manage to get your material to a company , it invariably gets thrown in the bin or just does not get to the person that matters.

At intalman we listen and read everything and give you our honest opinion on your material and what to do with it next.

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We do not guarantee success but we try our best to get new original material in front of the people that matter and make the decisions.

Your material will get nowhere gathering dust on the shelf- so if you think you have written a great song – or your a great band or have  a great voice- or you have just written the next “50 Shades of Grey”  or even written the next “Corrie” or ” Skyfall ”  get in touch with us:

Maybe we have the key to your success.

We accept:  word.doc/PDF /Mp3/Jpeg files  : please email your idea to : intalman@aol.com